Analytics Toolkit

Analytics solutions are costly and most companies find it difficult to afford them.

On the other hand, they are essential to the business, helping companies have access to important data, track results and make decisions on the best actions.

Nobel Technologies decided to build their own Analytics solution for their internal use and Mojo Play helped them realize this dream and save big.

Nobel Technologies
April 2019
Not Available
How it Works?

Mojo Play helped the company build a data store using an OLAP database and trained their systems’ administrators on maintaining and scaling this solution. Using the custom tool, the company can easily store, access and manage their data. The solution fully responds to the company’s needs as it was tailor-made to cover all specific requirements.


The third party Analytics solution previously used by the company was very expensive and as a result the company could not capture all the data points it needed. The customized solution built with Mojo Play not only saves the company money, but also allows access to all the necessary data improving their business and effectiveness.