Payment Vault

Credit card acceptance is the cornerstone of any good online business. The ability to accept, store and retrieve card holder data while being compliant is something every online business is acutely aware of. Not being compliant exposes any company to the risk of losing its ability to process credit cards and therefore spell the end of their online business.

In this context, storing credit cards securely is something that small and medium businesses would appreciate. In order to cover these needs, Mojo Play designed and built a standalone, highly secure payment vault for its customer.

January, 2020
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How it Works?

The payment vault is a software solution which sits outside the company’s network in a secure environment and stores all card holder data conforming to PCI requirements. Integrations with different payment providers are done on this vault and all companies communicate with the vault using a secure API. Only a token is exchanged between the company and the vault.

This makes the solution both secure and versatile. The solution may be resold to other organizations as a software as a service.


Risks associated with credit card acceptance are real and can be business ending. Therefore, storing card information securely becomes of utmost importance to any company conducting its business online. A payment vault provides this service.